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Avoid Sod Problems With These Suggestions

Your lawn might look brown and unsightly. As a solution, you might be thinking about having sod delivered and putting it down on top of the existing lawn. This can make your front yard look much better, but if you don't heed the suggestions that follow, you could be asking for even more lawn trouble.

Water it Properly

Because of the nitrogen and other fertilizers that have been added to the sod to encourage it to grow, you might not think you have to be that serious about caring for the sod. You might think it will take root without too much effort from you. While this is true in some ways, your primary task should be to ensure that the sod is getting enough water.

It is not enough to water the sod once a day. Twice a day at the minimum is required to keep the sod hydrated so that it can thrive. Make an attempt to water the sod in the early morning and early evening. If you water the sod too late at night, you risk the introduction of mold in between the sod layer and the original soil because the area will stay too damp. If you water the sod too late in the morning, it will evaporate, and the sod won't get enough water.

If you are unable to commit to watering the sod so often, you may need to put in a sprinkler system with a timer. You an also ask a neighbor or one of your local relatives if they'll do this task for you.

Spray with Water after Dog Visits

If you have a dog or two, you'll eventually need to let them out on the yard. They might urinate on the fresh sod on your lawn, which might not seem immediately alarming, but keep in mind that urine contains ammonia and salt. Those substances can affect new sod adversely, causing so-called "burnout spots" in your brand-new lawn.

You may be able to stop this from happening by being vigilant about using water to spray down the areas where your dog urinates. This action may be enough to dilute their urine and avoid brown spots in the new sod.

With these suggestions, the sod should be able to take root well and grow properly. Ask a sod delivery service like B & B Hoffman Sod Farms for more advice about how you can take care of your sod.